How to Sync Audio & Video With Windows Movie Maker

By Noah Kain

Updated September 22, 2017

Camcorders allow anyone to capture editable audio and video.
i grandmama with digital camera image by Alexey Klementiev from

Due to advances in computer technology, editing programs and camcorders are now available at an affordable price. This has allowed almost anyone to create home movies or even make a feature film. Most video editing programs allow you to edit audio as well. One common problem with editing video involves syncing up the audio with the video. If you use Windows Movie Maker you can take a few steps to properly sync your audio and video.

Open your un-synced audio and video. In the applications menu on your computer, open up Windows Movie Maker. Then, under the file menu select "open." Your computer will then bring up a window that allows you to open a Windows Movie Maker project. Search for and then select your Windows Movie Maker project that has un-synced audio and video.

Locate a visual that shows an impact. Scroll through your video footage in your Windows Movie Maker project until you come across a scene that clearly shows an impact of some sort. The impact could include someone closing a door, slamming his fist on a table or dropping something onto the floor.

Match up your visual impact with the audio. Listen to your audio to find a loud sound that matches the visual you chose in Step 2. For example, if you chose to use a visual of a door closing, listen to your audio until you hear a door closing. Then, drag that piece of audio down the project timeline until it lines up with your selected visual. You will most likely need to nudge the audio up and down the project timeline to match up the audio exactly.

Double check the sync with someone else. Have a friend view your synced project to make sure it syncs properly. If you are working on a project for a long time, your brain can sometimes trick itself into thinking something is lined up when it is not. Review your chosen visual that you synced earlier with a friend and then also view your project in its entirety. If you have properly synced the audio and video, everything else in your project should sync up as well. If not, you can choose to adjust your original visual with the audio or choose another scene in the project timeline that you can use to repeat Steps 2 and 3.