How to Stop Static on a Bluetooth Speaker

By Stephen Lilley

Updated September 28, 2017

If you are hearing static when using a Bluetooth headset that is paired with your cellular telephone, this indicates some kind of interference with the connection. A variety of issues can cause this problem; but no matter the cause, you can fix the problem quickly in most cases.

Move both your cell phone or PDA and your Bluetooth headset away from other Bluetooth devices. If you are trying to use your phone near a device like a PlayStation 3 or any other device that uses wireless Bluetooth technology, the two wireless networks could interfere with each other and cause you to receive static during conversations on your headset.

Place your Bluetooth headset and your cell phone or PDA as close together as possible. Though Bluetooth networks are wireless, they have limited broadcasting ranges compared to a wireless Internet network. Because of this, the farther you move the two devices away from each other, the higher the potential for static to occur during regular conversation.

Charge your Bluetooth headset and your cell phone or PDA. As the battery life begins to decrease on either device, the connection between the two pieces of equipment weakens. If the battery inside your headset or cell phone is about to die, this could cause the wireless Bluetooth connection to weaken to the point that you hear more static than actual audio during a conversation.