How to Create Your Own "Minecraft" Skin

By Shea Laverty

Updated September 22, 2017

Creating your own custom skin in "Minecraft" can give your character a distinct, personal vibe and set them apart from everyone else. There are many programs out there designed specifically for "Minecraft" skin editing, but you can also edit a skin using any image editor that supports transparency. What resources you'll need depends primarily on what kind of editor you're using.

Getting a Template

"Minecraft" models are three-dimensional, but skins are two-dimensional, so just slapping a picture on won't create a skin that fits. The skin is wrapped around the model in a specific way, so special templates are required when creating a skin. These templates show each part of the skin as it applies to the model, making it easier to customize the skin to get the desired look. Links to templates for male and female characters, as well as the default "Steve" and "Alex" skins, are available in the Resources section.

Using an Image Editor

To create a "Minecraft" skin in an image editor, transparent sections are essential. Editing a skin in an image editor requires a template, so you can edit the right sections of the image to create a functional skin. Your brushes and tools will need to be set to extremely small sizes; "Minecraft" skins are only slightly bigger than most postage stamps. Whatever editor you use, save the file as a PNG image; these support transparent backgrounds, and are the default format for skins.

Using a Skin Editor

There are several programs designed for creating "Minecraft" skins, many of which feature options for directly uploading them to your user profile. Skin editors often present the skin in its basic, laid-out form or wrap the skin around a model. Editors that wrap the skin around a model enable you to see how your changes will look in-game without having to upload the skin first. These editors usually have templates already set up and ready for editing.

Uploading the Skin

Once your skin is ready to go, you need to upload it to the "Minecraft" servers in order to use it. By visiting your user profile on the "Minecraft" website, you can upload your skin for use in the game. It may take a few minutes, but your skin should be ready for use in-game not long afterward. Skins are not saved saved in the system, so anytime you want to change skins -- even to revert to an old one -- you'll need to upload it.