How Do You Unlock the Last Mission of "GTA Vice City"?

By Antonin Korenek

Updated September 22, 2017

"Grand Thief Auto: Vice City" like others in the series, features a lone character rising to the top of the criminal underworld. The last mission is called "Keep Your Friends Close" where the character has to hold off the mafia from attacking him. It can only be unlocked if you complete a list of missions and challenges.

Complete all of the specially marked story missions. Story missions are scattered throughout the city and are labeled with a pink marker. When you stand next to these markers the name of the mission will appear above you and you can choose to accept it or decline it. Nonstory missions appear with a gray marker.

Complete five "Asset" missions." These missions are scattered all throughout the city. These missions will be marked with transparent dollar signs and will give your character a steady stream of cash.

Buy the "Print Works" building for $70,000. It is located in Little Havana off of the highway.

Complete the mission called "Spilling the Beans" that appears after you buy the Print Works building. You will be instructed to find information down at the docks. This will unlock another mission.

Complete the "Hit the Courier" mission that appeared at the Print Works building. The mission will have you follow and intercept a person who is holding counterfeit plates. Once you complete this mission the final mission will be unlocked at your mansion.

Walk to the pink marker outside your mansion to play the final mission.