How to Hook up an Indoor Antenna to a TV

By James Clark

Updated September 28, 2017

A coaxial cable with metal fastener for the antenna connection.
i Coaxial cable image by lefebvre_jonathan from

Connecting an indoor antenna to a TV lets you pick up terrestrial broadcasts without the hassle of mounting an external antenna on the roof or to the side of a building, then running cables indoors. Many indoor antennas include a built-in amplifier to boost the signal. A single coaxial cable hooks up the antenna to the television with a threaded metal fastener on the end of the cable.

Turn off the power to the TV set.

Attach the coaxial cable to the output jack on the base of the indoor antenna and connect the othe end to the "RF IN" jack on the back of the TV. Turn the metal fastener on each cable end clockwise to hold it tightly to the antenna and TV.

Plug in the power cord to the DC socket on the base of the antenna and connect the other end to a wall outlet.

Place the antenna near a window for improved signal reception.


If your television doesn't have a built-in digital tuner, you may need to use a digital converter to get signals on an indoor antenna. Attach the antenna to the appropriate connection on the converter, then run the coaxial cable between the converter and the television set. Consult the converter's instruction manual for more details.