Infinity SM-152 Specs

By Dora Diamond

Updated September 28, 2017

Infinity SM 152 speakers are models that sit on the floor.
i golden speakers image by Nicemonkey from

Infinity SM 152 speakers offer exceptional quality of sound, though they are large and heavy. In 1990 these speakers sold for approximately $600 each, and today consumers still compete for purchasing this model on websites, such as eBay. Repair rates are slightly expensive, since the replacement of crossovers, tweeters and four mid-range speakers costs approximately $500. The dimensions of SM 152 speakers are 18 inches in width, by 14 inches in depth, by 40 inches in height.

Power Rating

Recommended amplifier power for Infinity SM 152 speakers is 10 to 300 watts. In addition, the nominal impedance rating is 8 ohms--measurement of electrical resistance between two points on a conductor--as one volt between them produces one ampere.

Frequency Response

The frequency response range for Infinity SM 152 speakers is 44 Hz (hertz) to negative 25 kHz (kilo hertz), plus or minus 3 dB (decibels), and the sensitivity rating is 102 dB, with one watt per meter. The crossover frequencies are 500 Hz and 5.5 kHz.

Woofer and Tweeter

Infinity SM 152 speakers have 15-inch woofers, which are equivalent to 381 mm (millimeters). These woofers and also two 4.5-inch mid-range drivers have a polypropylene coating. The Infinity SM 152 tweeter has a one-inch, high output polycell.


When dealing with wires and plugs, turn off your equipment to ensure that transients--clicking sounds--do not enter your speakers.

Amplifiers should not be "on" when making component connections.