How to Size a Pepakura Helmet

By Elyse James

Updated September 22, 2017

Print your helmet on heavy, cardstock paper.
i paper image by AGphotographer from

Pepakura software allows users to make three-dimensional paper models from three-dimensional data. You can design video game characters, or even create armor and helmets from popular games such as Halo. In order to create a helmet that you can actually wear, you will need to size it so that it can fit on the average person’s head. You will need to have the Pepakura software installed on your computer.

Measure your own height in inches and add four to six inches to this height.

Divide the total height (with the added inches) by 86. The result should be a decimal number.

Take the number and multiply it by the current scale of your helmet. The most common scale for Pepakura is 31.9.

Navigate to “Pepakura Designer” and then open the file of your helmet. Select “Scale” and then “Scale Factor.”

Enter the number you calculated into the “Scale” box. When assembled, your helmet should fit to your height specifications.


If you are unsure about your measurements, try making a simpler piece of armor first, using the scale you calculated. If you make a Bicep using the same formula and it fits properly, then you can move ahead with a more complex project like a helmet. If it is too snug or too loose, add or subtract a few inches from the first step accordingly.