How to Create Borders in Word

by Katelyn Kelley ; Updated September 15, 2017

Borders in Microsoft Word are straight vertical or horizontal lines you can add to your document. You can use them to insert a hard rule beneath text for decoration or emphasis, create an outline box around text or images or use them to frame the cells in a table. Word's border command gives you the flexibility to choose the position of the border, the thickness of the line and the line style. Line styles can be continuous, multiple lines together or dashed lines.

Open your Microsoft word application by selecting it from your Start menu or double-clicking the program icon.

Type some text into the document window.

Press the "Return/Enter" key to move to a new line.

Click the "Home" tab and locate the "Borders" command icon on the "Paragraph" panel in the middle of the ribbon across the top of the screen. The icon looks like a faint crosshairs outlined with a thin, black square.

Click the "Borders" icon to expand the drop-down menu of border options. Choose a horizontal line and it will appear across the width of your page.

Click and drag to select a paragraph of text on your page, then click the "Borders" icon and choose a box-style border from the drop-down list. Now a box will appear around the text you selected. You can apply a box-style border to one word, several words, one paragraph or multiple paragraphs, depending on what you highlight before using the command.

Click the "Borders" icon to access the drop-down menu once more, then select the last command in the menu, "Borders and Shading." This brings up a dialog box that allows you to customize your border further with line styles, line widths and color choices.

Insert a table into your document using the "Tables" command under the "Insert" tab.

Click and drag to select one or more cells in the table, then click the "Borders" icon on the "Home" tab to choose a border style from the drop-down menu, or use the "Borders and Shading" command at the bottom of the menu to customize the type of borders you want for the selected cells.


  • If you accidentally add an auto-formatted border to your document and don't want it, press the "Undo" button on your Quick Access Toolbar in the upper left of the screen or press the "Ctrl"+"Z" keys on the keyboard to undo the formatting.

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