How to Jet Pack on ROBLOX

by Alex RamirezUpdated September 22, 2017
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Roblox is a free-to-play online game builder that lets players create individual mini-games to add to the Roblox community. There are thousands of different games to play on the site. In some game types, you can create a jetpack that will send your character flying skyward through obstacles or in races. The game types that let you build a jetpack usually say so in the title.

Go to a game type that allows users to create jetpacks (as mentioned, look for the word "jetpack" in the title).

Click on the green "Play" button to launch the specific mini-game. A screen will appear asking you to sign in, create an account, or play as a guest.

Sign in or create an account on the Roblox site. Once completed, the game will ask you to install the Roblox client if you haven't already. If it is already installed, the jetpack mini-game should launch automatically.

Place a rectangular block into the torso of your character. The block should protrude from both the front and back of the body.

Click on your torso and click "Anchor" to keep yourself on the ground. The character needs to be stationary to get enough momentum to fly off the ground.

Place two of the green cylinders on each side of the block lodged into your character's torso (front and back). In total, there should be four cylinders attached to the block.

Activate the rockets by clicking on the magic wand icon at the bottom left of the toolbar. The rockets (green cylinders) should fire.

Click on the torso and de-anchor it be clicking on the "Anchor" button. The character should shoot straight up into the sky with his jetpack still in his torso.


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