How to Change Your IP for Diablo 2

By Lindsay Howell

Updated September 22, 2017

Diablo 2 is a horror/fantasy PC game in which a person can battle monsters, fallen angels and other enemies. Diablo 2 can be played on Blizzard's online service so that players can join up and battle alongside others. If your Internet protocol (IP) address is blocked on due to a connection error or a technical problem, you can use the Windows command prompt to reconfigure your IP address and sign back into to play Diablo 2.

Close out any running programs or applications on your computer. Open your computer's "Start" menu and click on "Run" to open the command prompt.

Type in "Command," which will bring you to the DOS prompt screen. Type in "ipconfig /release" and hit "Enter."

Type in the command "ipconfig /renew." Your new IP address will appear in the display. Type "Exit" to close out the command prompt.

Go to and sign in. Your new IP address will be the one that is recognized.


A blocked IP address on does not mean that your account itself has been blocked.


Failure to follow's terms of use agreement can result in a permanent ban from the site; using a new IP address to bypass an account ban is prohibited.