How to Troubleshoot HP PSC 1600 Printers

by Steven SymesUpdated September 26, 2017

The HP PSC 1600 all in one printer uses an ink jet printing method to produce printouts, as well as copies and print received faxes. The printer features two ink cartridges that travel the width of the printer in the cartridge carriage. Problems with the HP PSC 1600’s software or hardware will cause problems with the printer’s operation. To determine the cause of any problem you encounter, you need to engage in the troubleshooting process so you can find the cause and fix the printer.

Will Not Print

Look at the display panel to see if there is an error message displayed. If there is an error message, follow any directions on the screen.

Inspect the USB cable’s connections to make sure it is firmly plugged into the printer and computer. Replace the cable if you see any signs of damage, or replace it if the cable is longer than 3 meters.

Unplug the USB cable from its connection and plug it into a port in the back of the computer that has worked for other USB devices. Do not plug the printer’s cable into a USB router or USB port in the computer’s keyboard.

Restart the computer by clicking the “Start” or Windows button, then clicking “Restart.” Press the printer’s “Power” button to turn the printer off, then press the “Power” button so it lights up again.

Open the printer’s top cover and wait for the cartridge carriage to stop moving. Remove the cartridges and peel off any protective tape that is still over the cartridges’ copper contacts or nozzle area.

Will Not Turn On

Check the power cord’s connections to the back of the printer and the power adapter box. Inspect the power cord and replace it if you see any signs of cracking or splitting.

Plug a lamp into the same outlet you have been using for the printer to make sure the outlet is working. If the lamp does not turn on, check the circuit breaker box to see if the room’s switch has flipped.

Unplug the printer’s power cord from any surge protectors or backup battery sources. Plug the printer directly into the electrical outlet.


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