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by Daniel FoxUpdated September 15, 2017
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Eaglesoft is a computer software product manufactured by Patterson Dental. Eaglesoft allows a dental office to manage all facets of the practice. There are different methods by which you can learn the ins and outs of Eaglesoft. Learning Eaglesoft will allow a dental office to streamline all aspects of the business into one program.

Watch the practice management software that is included with the Eaglesoft package. The CD features a variety of webinars designed to train you on the basics of Eaglesoft. The topics include insurance payments, coverage books, fee schedules, service codes, processing statements, medical history and new patient setup.

Attend an Eaglesoft training seminar. The seminars start at 9 a.m. and end at 4 p.m. You must register in advance for the training seminars. Check the Eaglesoft website for updated listings of seminars in your area.

Enroll in a live Eaglesoft webinar. These eSupport webinars require a high-speed Internet connection and a headset. Registration for these sessions is limited. Eaglesoft records these live sessions and posts the sessions on the website under the FAQ section. If you are unable to participate in the live webinars, you can download the recorded sessions in the FAQ section. These webinars include sessions on the Caesy, Cerec, Emagine, Eservices, Inlab and Nsite features. Additional sessions deal with clinical, digital and overall practice management training inclusive to Eaglesoft.

Contact the support center at 800-475-5036 to talk to a specialist. She can assist you with any questions you have regarding the software. You can also contact support by email or live chat.


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