How to Calibrate Colors on a Konica Bizhub

By Alfie Noakes

Updated September 28, 2017

Get your color print outs right.
i color image by Yermashkevich Pavel from

Konica's Bizhub range is a collection of high end printers that offer exceptional printing abilities. Known for their speed and price efficiency, the printers are ideal for those catering to customers in need of high quality print outs. To calibrate and change color scales on the printer is a simple job.

Go to the Application screen on the LCD panel located on the printer and press on "Edit Color." Press on "Color Adjustment."

If unhappy with the hue of your copy, press "hue." Look at the 'hue" screen and press the arrow keys in the direction you wish to change the color hue. Press "Sample Copy".

Take a sheet of paper and place in the top left corner of the glass surface of the Bizhub. You will see that the area is marked "Sample Area" alongside the glass area. Press the "Start" button on top of the Bizhub.

Wait for the Bizhub to produce a sample sheet. Look at the finished sample sheet – there are six options showing three incremental "plus" hue options and the three incremental "negative" hue options. Select the one you like and press to confirm the required hue adjustment on the "Hue" screen. You have now calibrated your colors as desired.