How to Pause "Bubble Trouble"

By Pat Smith

Updated September 22, 2017

"Bubble Trouble" is an online Flash game from Miniclip. It's fast-paced and the instructions don't tell you how to pause it. However, it's easy to pause, and after pausing it you can also enter cheats that make you invisible, add to your lives and points, and start you at any level. Using cheats on the game means you're not eligible for a high score.

Press the "Caps Lock" key once gameplay starts. This will pause the game.

Enter cheats while paused if desired. Type "INVIS" to go invisible. Type "CATCH" to catch all enemies in a bubble. Press "SCORE" to add points to your score and "EXTRA" to get an extra life.

Press "Caps Lock" again to return to regular gameplay.