How to Add Maps to Garmin BaseCamp

By Aaron Wein

Updated September 15, 2017

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Garmin BaseCamp gives you the ability to plan a route, set waypoints and analyze terrain on a computer as you prepare to set off on a hike or backpacking trip with your GPS unit. Afterward, you can load the route data onto your Garmin device. You can purchase additional maps for BaseCamp on Garmin's website. The program allows you to import maps using built-in controls after you have downloaded the files to your computer.

Download the map to your computer using the provided DVD or via online download. See Resources for Garmin's map download page.

Open BaseCamp.

Click "File."

Select "Import."

Double-click the desired map file from the dialog window. The map will take a few seconds to load to BaseCamp.

Click the map drop-down menu in the top left-hand corner.

Select your desired map to view.