How to Become a Nintendo Authorized Dealer

By Lindsay Zortman

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Business license

  • Resale license

  • Business bank account

To be an authorized dealer of Nintendo products in the United States, you must own a licensed business and purchase Nintendo products from Nintendo's licensed distributors. It is necessary to have a resale license and a business banking account in order to open a purchasing account with any of the licensed Nintendo distributor companies. In some cases, you may need business references that attest to your company and the clients you serve as well as payment time frames and quality of business.

Gather your business license, resale license and business bank account information. This information is necessary to open a purchasing account with one of Nintendo's distribution companies. Nintendo does not offer dealers the opportunity to purchase directly from them; instead dealers must purchase from one of the few distribution agencies working with Nintendo.

Make a list of potential business references for you and your company. To open a purchasing account, the distribution company will need to see a long record of quality business practices. Having a list of business references handy and ready to send will make the application process move more quickly. Your business references should attest to your quick payment of billings, quality sales and reputation as a business.

Fill out a dealer application with one of the Nintendo authorized distributors. The top three distributors are available in the resources section of this article. Fill out the detailed application for the distributor which you want to apply to. Take care to include all information as directed on the application.

Fax or mail the requested information to the distributor. For the quickest response, fax your request to the distributor and follow up with a phone call. If time is not a factor, mail your application and follow up with a phone call in seven to 10 days.

Make your first wholesale order, usually online through the distributors webpage. Once the distributor accepts your application, you can place orders for wholesale Nintendo products directly from the distributor. All of the top distributors have online ordering available to their clients.


Do not purchase merchandise from distributors not on the official Nintendo list. These are not authorized distributors and there is no way of confirming where their merchandise came from.