How to Make a WWE Game

By Elvis Michael

Updated September 22, 2017

Video games are becoming increasingly popular with children and adults. As more realistic features are included in video games, they have become a common household item. Making a video game, however, is a complicated process. One such genre are wrestling games based on World Wrestling Entertainment. To create a WWE game, you must acquire several tools and ultimately blend them to create a complete game.

Build your an overall plan including game idea and overall mechanics. How many characters will be included? Will each be based on their real-life counterparts? What game modes will your WWE game contain, such as a two-player mode? It is much easier to proceed with the game development phase once these ideas are organized.

Create your WWE game characters through a modeling application, if necessary. If an external tool is required to create all game elements, use programs such as Art of Illusion or TopMod 3D. These tools allow you to create each game character, interactive objects such as chairs as well as the environments in which each WWE character will participate. Create each object and save it individually.

Use drag-and-drop game development tools to animate your game. While getting into specific details about each program’s techniques is difficult, it is important to know the core system of each works in a similar fashion. Drag-and-drop programs carry a convenient user interface which often provides prerendered objects and characters. Typical programs include Game Maker and 2D Game Maker.

Import each created model through the game development tool’s main “Load” menu or interface. Each program has its own set of scripts to help you animate a character, adjust its speed, assign a specific outcome depending on any given action, and much more. If more advanced features are required, you may also rely on programming languages such as C++, DarkBASIC and VisualBASIC.

Save the WWE game project through the game’s “Export” or “Save” function. Test all aspects previously programmed to ensure all scripts and coding is working properly. If modifications are required, revert to the game development tool of choice and overwrite any flawed line of code or script.