How to Update a Snap-On Solus

By Melissa King

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Update master CompactFlash (CF) card

  • Power supply cord

The Solus scanner allows users to perform diagnostic testing on most cars and trucks.
i car image by Brett Bouwer from

Snap-On's Solus diagnostic scanner provides a way to perform tests on brake systems, engines and transmissions. The scanner is used to discover the reason for a lit check-engine light, as well as other diagnostic lights such as those for the car's battery or air bags. On occasion, an update may be released for the Solus scanner that provides the device with the latest software. The update is stored on a CompactFlash card that can be purchased from the Snap-On website. Once this card is inserted in the Solus, the update process begins.

Purchase the latest Solus update from the Snap-On website (see Resources). The update is mailed to your address on a CompactFlash (CF) card.

Turn off the power to the Solus by pressing the “Power” button. Pull out any CompactFlash (CF) cards that are inserted in the top two slots.

Slide the update master CF card into the slot labeled “CF slot 1.”

Connect the 2.5-mm end of the power supply cord into the power jack on the left side of the Solus. Plug the other end of the cord into a wall power outlet.

Press the “Power” button. The update begins automatically. If the update software causes the device to turn off, turn the Solus back on to continue the update. Wait for the main menu to appear before using the Solus.


If you do not have a power supply cord, two new AA alkaline batteries may be used instead.


Do not turn off the Solus during the update. This can permanently damage the scanner.