How to Use a Visa Gift Card to Purchase Live Points

By Sanne Godfrey

Updated September 22, 2017

Visa gift cards can be used in the same manner as you would use a credit card. As a result, these gift cards are very popular. An added benefit of gift cards is that they provide an easy way for you to keep track of your money and limit your purchases. Once the credit balance on the Visa gift card has been used, the card can no longer be used. Live points are one of the many things that can be purchased with a Visa gift card. These points can be used to purchase Xbox games online or through Xbox live.

Woman's hands holding credit card and using cell phone

Activate your Visa gift card by following the issuer's instructions. Note that not all cards have to be activated. Follow the instructions provided with the gift card or printed on the back of the card. Sign the Visa gift card as soon as you activate it.

Couple using credit card to shop online, looking camera

Register your Visa gift card by calling the issuer or browsing the issuer's website. When registering the card, be sure to provide the same information that you intend to use when you purchase Live points.

Young man working on laptop

Browse to or any other online store such as Amazon or eBay to purchase Xbox Live points online.

Couple doing shopping online from home

Provide your Visa gift card information at checkout when you are prompted for your credit card number. Check the "Pay by Credit Card" box when you check out.