How to Find Out Which Version of Conquerors You Have

By Cecelia Owens

Updated September 22, 2017

Knowing how to find out which version of “Age of Conquerors” you have can make the difference between having more playable options and having limited, outdated options. The newer version has new civilizations (the Aztecs, Koreans, Huns, the Spanish and Mayans) and comes with new missions, such as historical battles that affect your outcome. Knowing the version that you have can help you figure out if you should purchase a more recent version.

Press “Start,” “All Program” and “Age of Conquerors” to access the video game’s main menu.

Click the “Age of Empires Conquerors” banner on the video game’s main menu. The banner is located at the top-middle of the page.

Wait for a Microsoft menu to appear, and then look at the top of the page to check the version of “Conquerors” you have.