How to Send a Song Via SMS

By Jessica Best

Updated September 28, 2017

SMS subscribers can share songs via text messaging.
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Through SMS, or "Short Messaging Service," you can send text messages and files as attachments in messages. You can also send songs stored on the phone itself or a memory card to other users. This allows you to share music without the need for a computer or an email server. Be sure to verify with the cellular provider that SMS is covered in your calling plan before sending any messages in order to avoid extra charges.

Open the "Messaging" menu and select "New Message" or "New." The messaging menu is found either in the main menu or the homescreen of the phone.

Select "Options" from the lower menu when the new message window is open.

Go to "Send File" or "Add Attachment" and select "Song" or "Music." A new menu with all the available songs on the device opens up.

Click on the song you want to send. The song is now added to the message.

Type any desired text and add the recipient. Click "Send." The message has been sent and the other user can open the file and listen to the song on their phone.