How to Create Your Own Cartoon Character for Free

By Clifton Watson

Updated September 22, 2017

A stylized cartoon self-portrait is a fun replacement for a real photograph.
i portrait series - cartoon style image by helenos from

Creating a cartoon character version of yourself is a great tool in this digital age. It is not always desirable to have a picture of your actual face on an Internet forum or other site where some anonymity is desired. Displaying a cartoon image instead of the "real" you is a fun way to maintain individuality without compromising your identity. There are several sites online that allow for the free creation of a "toon" avatar of yourself, and these finished images can be applied anywhere online where photo uploading is available.

Visit a website that allows you to create a cartoon character for free.

Click on the button that prompts you to begin customizing your character or click on the feature you wish to customize.

Click the gender and general features you want your cartoon character to possess and then click on the button to continue, if applicable.

Click on the remaining options one at a time to highlight other features like "hair," "clothes," or "makeup." Click on the desired feature on the list of available choices that appear.

Right-click on your character after assigning all desired features and select "Save image as" to save the image of your finished cartoon character to your computer. Click on the "Save" button on the website if right-clicking is not an option. If you are prompted, sign up for an account. This will be completely free and will allow you to save your cartoon character for use anywhere you want.