How to Add Mugen Stages

by Neil EdwardsUpdated September 22, 2017

The Mugen fighting game engine is renowned for its customization features and the ease of adding additional characters, stages and other content for both single-player and multi-player games. A great deal of community-created content is available online for Mugen players to download and place in their own games. A Mugen stage is made up of two files, one with extension .def and the other with extension .sff, and can be assigned as either a stage for a specific character or an extra stage.

Move both the .def file and the .sff file to the stages folder in your Mugen directory.

Open the data folder of your Mugen directory.

Open the "select.def" file in a text editor.

Add "kfm, stages/filename.def" underneath the "[Characters]" heading or "stages/filename.def" underneath the "[ExtraStages]" heading, where filename.def is the name of your stage file.

Save "select.def."


To add a stage to Mugen, your .def and .sff files must have the exact same file name before the extension.


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