How to Troubleshoot a Nuvi

By Si Kingston

Updated September 28, 2017

There are several difficulties that Garmin Nuvi users may experience. If the Garmin Nuvi GPS is not operating correctly, there are many steps you can take to correct errors. Power issues are typically due to problems with power outlet, charging cable or Nuvi battery. A frozen screen indicates an internal disk issue related to software or firmware. Some users have problems with the sensitivity of the Nuvi's touch screen; the calibration of the device can be configured to your particular touch.

Improve the Garmin Nuvi's signals. After entering in your destination, make sure to the Nuvi is away from tall buildings and other objects. These types of things interfere with the device's ability to get a signal. Remain stationary for a few minutes so the Nuvi can configure the directions based on your current destination.

Reset the Garmin Nuvi. If the device is unresponsive or frozen, reset the internal disk. To reset, press and hold the "Power" button until the device powers off and back on.

Calibrate the touchscreen if it doesn't respond to your touch. To calibrate, turn off the Nuvi. Touch both the top-left corner of the LCD screen and the "Power" button simultaneously. Release the "Power" button when the device powers back on, but continue to press the top-left corner of the screen. Move your finger from the top-left when a white screen with "Press Dot" appears. Your touch of the dot helps the Nuvi to calculate the exact amount of pressure to expect from you. Follow any additional prompts to calibrate the screen.

Charge the Nuvi in ideal conditions. Don't charge the Nuvi in direct sunlight, and make sure it is not charging in extreme temperatures. The Nuvi should charge in temperatures between 32 degrees and 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

Charge the Nuvi in a different power outlet. If the Nuvi won't charge in your car, there may be a problem with that charging source. Connect the Nuvi to your computer with the USB cable and allow the Nuvi to charge there. If the Nuvi is still not charging, the battery is probably defective.

Maximize the battery performance. If the Garmin Nuvi doesn't stay charged for very long, turn down the back light. The back light on the LCD screen drains the battery. To turn down, tap "Tools" on the home screen. Touch "Settings," "Display" and then "Brightness."

Update the internal disk software and firmware if there appears to be an internal disk issue. To update the Nuvi, download and install "WebUpdater" on your computer. Then connect the Nuvi to the computer with a USB cable. WebUpdater will detect the connected Nuvi and search for updates. Select to install the updates on the Nuvi.