How to Win at the Lemonade Stand Game

By Courtney Keene

Updated September 22, 2017

i Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images

Lemonade Stand for the iPhone and iPad is an incarnation of the Apple II title released more than 20 years ago. A game meant to be played in 30 minute increments, Lemonade Stand is easy to win but difficult to master. A strong understanding of supply and demand -- as well as the various mechanics of the game -- helps you beat this economics simulator and post a high score.

Start the game and complete the introductory tutorial. Learn the various conditions that affect your lemonade sales such as weather, traffic and the economy.

Keep track of trends in lemonade purchases, monitoring when your customers buy the most lemonade. Note the changes in weather and traffic that help drive more business to your stand.

Follow the rules of supply and demand by increasing your lemonade production when you receive more customers. Place advertising and adjust your price to escalate demand for your product.

Win the game by making the most money possible after 30 minutes. Revise your selling strategies and replay the game to beat your best total.


Increasing the amount of lemonade you sell on a hot day is a great boost in business.


Never make more than a $1 adjustment to your price at any time. Use smaller increments, or you will find a sudden drop in business.