How to Catch an Onix

By Seth Amery

Updated September 22, 2017

The Rock- and Ground-type Pokemon best known for its extreme size and heavyweight attacks, Onix makes an appearance in every Pokemon game to date including "Pokemon Omega Ruby" and "Pokemon Alpha Sapphire." With a damaging move like Dragon Breath, the ability to learn Rock Tomb and the chance to evolve into the Steel-type Steelix, Onix makes a formidable opponent for any battle it struts into; the fact that its quick speed is second only to its impressive defense makes Onix a well-rounded contender.

Pokemon ORAS Caves

Both "Pokemon Omega Ruby" and "Pokemon Alpha Sapphire" players can find Onix hiding away inside Granite Cave. However, you'll need the National Pokedex, obtained after defeating the Elite Four, for Onix to show up -- specifically the DexNav app. Traveling northwest from Dewford Town to the cave, you can scan for Pokemon in the area with the DexNav app. Alternatively, you can check the Global Trade System for other players interested in trading their Onix for another Pokemon. Finally, if you have an Onix in a copy of "Pokemon X" or "Pokemon Y," you can transfer it to your game after getting the National Pokedex.

Onix in Pokemon X/Y

In both "Pokemon X" and "Pokemon Y," you can sometimes find Onix whenever you use Rock Smash inside the Glittering Cave in southern Kalos. Most of the time, you'll end up facing a Dwebble, but you have a 30 percent chance of seeing a wild Onix emerge instead. Wild Onix also appear in Rock-type Friend Safari zones. If you play "Pokemon X," you also get a bonus location: Using Rock Smash in Cyllage City gives you a 30 percent chance to find Onix. "Pokemon Y" players won't find Onix here but both "X" and "Y" players can turn to the Global Trade System if they can't find an Onix through traditional means.

Strategies for Catching Onix

Like with any other Pokemon you are trying to capture, you don't want to make Onix faint; don't overwhelm Onix with Water- and Ice-types, both of which are super effective against both Ground and Rock. Likewise, a Fire-type won't be able to blink before it falls to Onix, as those Pokemon are weak to both of Onix's elements. For fights where you are looking to capture an Onix, bust out the Dragon-, Fairy- and Psychic-types; these are the three types that do normal damage, allowing you to chip away at its health once you've stunned the giant rock Pokemon. Use plenty of status afflicting moves, such as sleep and paralysis, to increase your chances to capture the giant rock beast. Special Pokeballs, such as Dusk Balls, work well when trying to capture Onix in a cave setting.

Teaching Onix New Tricks

While Onix can learn a variety of powerful attacks by leveling, breeding for new moves adds a few new tricks to his repertoire. Through breeding, Onix can learn moves that he wouldn't learn otherwise; for instance, leaving Onix with Golem at the Pokemon Day Care may produce a baby Onix that knows the move Heavy Slam, a Steel-type attack that factors Pokemon weight into its damage result. Alternatively, breeding an Onix with Dwebble can produce an Onix that knows Rototiller, a Ground-type move meant to increase Onix's modest attack stat.