How to Download Things Into Zoo Tycoon 2

By Catelyn Millette

Updated September 22, 2017

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"Zoo Tycoon 2," released in November 2004, is a simulation game where players own and run a zoo. Four expansion packs were subsequently released, adding more animals, new transportation, new guest entertainment and new biomes. In addition, several official downloads are available in-game. Fansites and the "Zoo Tycoon" official site offer additional free downloads, which you install manually.

Downloading In-Game

Ensure that your game is fully patched. Some of the in-game downloadables may not show up otherwise. Patches are available on the "Zoo Tycoon" website, under the "Downloads" and then "Patches" menu. To install, click the download link, select "Run" and follow the simple installation instructions. For this and later steps, you'll need an Internet connection.

Start "Zoo Tycoon 2" or the latest expansion pack you own.

Click "Downloads" on the game's main menu. A list of downloadable content will appear.

Press the "Download" button located beside the item you wish to install. Repeat for all the items you want to download.

Wait until your download has completed, then exit and re-enter the game. Your new content will now be available for use in the game.

Downloading Manually

Download the custom content from its source. Save it to your desktop or another easy to find location. If it's not packaged as a ZIP file, skip to Step 3.

Extract ZIP files using a program like WinZip or WinRAR. To extract ZIP files, right-click on the file icon and select "Extract here."

Locate your Zoo Tycoon downloads folder. In Windows XP, it's located in : "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft Games\Zoo Tycoon 2\downloads\zootycoon_com_zt2_1033." And in Windows Vista, it's located in: "C:\Program Data\Microsoft Games\Zoo Tycoon 2\Downloads\Zoo tycoon_com_zt2_1033."

Place the files you earlier downloaded in the folder you just found. When you enter the game, your new item will be ready for use.


Before downloading custom content manually, you need to install at least one official download in-game. This creates the game's "Downloads" folder, which won't work if created manually.