How to Get the Best Deal on a Cable Bundle

by Jennifer ThompsonUpdated September 26, 2017
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Cable, Internet and telephone services are often bundled together in one package offered through a single company. This often saves money for a homeowner by giving a reduced bill for the bundle as a whole, rather than paying three bills at an individual price for each service.

Sometimes there are an overwhelming array of choices in cable bundles, so ascertaining the best deal takes some thoughtful attention and a little bit of investigation. Once you feel you have found the best deal to suit your needs, then just a little bit of haggling might make it even better.

Examine your usage. A cable bundle isn’t necessarily the best deal if you are still paying for things you don’t use, or if you end up paying higher prices for services you do use that aren‘t included. You could end up paying more for it either way.

Investigate individual services offered with each bundle. For instance, find out if the telephone service offers free long distance service with a particular package, and if the Internet usage unlimited, and also what TV stations are offered with it. If you do not need the full extent of the services, you could benefit from a cheaper package with fewer services, and thus get a better deal.

Shop various companies. Cable companies aren’t the only ones to offer bundled packages. Your local telephone company may also have bundled packages that offer phone services with Internet and satellite or cable TV, for just as good a deal or better.

Ask the customer service representative for the competition‘s offer. For example, if Company A is offering free installation, but Company B has a better all-around package, ask Company B if they can give you the free installation, too.

Read reviews of any company’s service that you are considering for your bundle. Good service might mean the better deal, even if it’s a few dollars more.

Consider a contract. Some bundles come with even better pricing when a customer agrees to a one- or two-year contract. This doesn’t mean that you are forced to stay with the company, however, it usually means you would have to pay certain fees in order to leave before the contract expires. Still, when you are confident in your choice, it makes good sense to get the better deal that comes with a contract.


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