How Do You Use Lulu's Overdrive in Final Fantasy X?

By Matthew Anderson

Updated September 22, 2017

Overdrive attacks in "Final Fantasy X" are special attacks unique to each character, and can only be used once a character’s Overdrive meter is full. Lulu, as the party’s Black Mage, focuses on attack spells to damage enemies. Her Fury Overdrive allows her to cast a spell up to 16 times in one turn. Each cast of a spell does less damage than normal, but is free to cast and ignores all defenses. Lulu can still use Fury when under the effect of Silence, which normally makes spell casting impossible.

Press “Left” on the d-pad during Lulu’s turn. This shows the Fury menu option. Fury will be visible, but unselectable, if Lulu’s Overdrive meter is not full.

Press “X” to select Fury. A list of spells that can be used with Fury is shown.

Press “X” to select a spell. A progress bar and timer is displayed.

Press “X” to select a target to hit with Fury.

Rotate the right analog stick clockwise as quickly as possible to fill the bar. The timer starts to count down once you start rotating the stick, and the bar fills up as you rotate the stick. The amount the bar fills up varies based on Lulu’s Magic stat and the spell being cast. A higher Magic stat causes the bar to fill up more quickly. Using more powerful spells, such as Flare and Ultima, decreases how quickly the bar fills up. Lulu automatically starts casting the spell after the timer runs out. The number of times she casts the spell depends on how much the bar is filled. Completely filling the bar casts the spell 16 times.


The method used to fill Lulu’s Overdrive meter varies based on the Overdrive mode set in her status menu. The default mode, Stoic, fills the Overdrive meter each time she gets hit by an enemy. This is not the best mode for Lulu because she is the most fragile character. Warrior is usually the most useful Overdrive mode for Lulu because it fills her meter every time she does damage to an enemy. This mode is unlocked after she has damaged enemies 300 times during battles. Not all of Lulu’s spells can be used with Fury. Every elemental spell, Death, Bio, Drain, Osmose, Flare and Ultima can be selected if Lulu has learned them. Lulu starts with Fire, Thunder, Water and Blizzard, so she can use Fury from the beginning of the game.