Jeopardy Game Ideas

By Ronni Dee

Updated September 22, 2017

The Jeopardy game show has earned 28 Daytime Emmy Awards since its syndication debut in 1984. Dubbed "America's Favorite Quiz Show" by the United States Patent & Trademark Office, the game show has become a household favorite with an average of nine million viewers each day, according to Sony Pictures. You can use the game outline and rules to incorporate Jeopardy for all types of occasions.

Classroom Jeopardy

The Jeopardy game format can be used for any subject in the classroom as a fun twist to test reviews. You can change up game play to suit the review needs for a chapter test, a lesson quiz or even a midterm or final. You can also use it to review the history of holidays such as Thanksgiving and other important days of the year, such as Veteran's Day.

Baby Shower Jeopardy

Jeopardy during a baby shower is a very relaxing way to get the shower rolling. You can use ideas such as Nursery Rhyme Jeopardy, Baby Name Jeopardy or Mother-To-Be Jeopardy. You can also set up the game as trivia questions related to babies in general such as top baby names for the year thus far, how many babies were born in your area in the month the baby is due and how many babies were born into the baby's parents families so far in the current year.

Bridal Shower/Wedding Jeopardy

Bridal showers and pre-wedding parties are perfect to incorporate a game of Jeopardy. To make it even more fun, make some of the categories serious, such as when the couple first met, and other categories about the future, such as when the couple will have their first child. Throw in a silly category or a most embarrassing moments category and see how well the guests know the bride-to-be.

Home Party Jeopardy

Independent consultants for home selling companies such as PartyLite, Princess House and Tastefully Simple can use Jeopardy as a way to see which guests are the most familiar with their products or services. This type of game for at home parties is also a great ice breaker. You can make the $100 answers about the party hostess. For example, if the first category title is Fruits, the answer could be "Strawberry Fields," and the question, "What is the hosts' favorite scent?"

Game Night Jeopardy

Invite a couple of adults over for a game night and make your own Jeopardy game. The person who makes the game board should be the game show host. You could use each person's favorite color, food, movie, actor, actress, vacation destination, dream car and many other personal preferences for the categories. You could also play a regular Jeopardy game where the questions are all trivia that has nothing to do with the personal preference of each guest, just as if you were a real contestant on the show.