DVRs Compatible With Comcast

By Marit Anderson

Updated September 28, 2017

Digital video recorders (DVRs) make it possible never to miss your favorite show or movie again. Certain carriers require customers to use a DVR device provided by the company, usually for a monthly fee. Comcast also requires customers to place a deposit on the DVR device used with their service. However, there are a few options available for those customers who want to use a different DVR.


According to Comcast, TiVo recorders can be used with Comcast service. Using a TiVo recorder will not prevent customers from using DVR features because Comcast and TiVo have partnered. Comcast offers HD programming with TiVo service.

Adapter Not Required

DVRs that use CableCARDs do not require adapters to work with Comcast service. According to Comcast, these include TiVo Series3 DVRs. CableCARDs work as digital cable decoders and effectively replace the digital set-top box required for older DVRs and televisions.

Adapter Required

According to Comcast, TiVo Series2 and Series1 DVRs will not receive digital channels without a Comcast Digital set-top box or a digital adapter. In order to use these TiVo devices, customers must purchase an adapter or contact Comcast for a set-top box.

Comcast Provided DVRs

According to Comcast, customers must use a DVR compatible with Comcast service in order to receive Comcast digital channels and have use of all functions of the DVR. Comcast will provide a list of options available for DVR service, including DVR and HD DVR options for customers and prospective customers. The cost and availability of DVRs varies by location and subscription plan. Customers must check with Comcast customer service before acquiring a DVR, other than the TiVo models mentioned here. Changing Comcast service, including switching to HD DVR service, may require a different DVR, which can be acquired through the company.