Cheats for "Bubble Trouble" Level 45

By Joshua Galligan

Updated September 22, 2017

You'll never look at bubbles the same way again after trying to beat Level 45.
i bubbles image by Diana Wolfraum from

"Bubble Struggle 2" (also known as "Bubble Trouble") is a popular online aim-and-shoot game. It features numbered levels that get progressively more difficult as you complete them. One of the most infamously difficult levels in the game is Level 45. Since the games' cheats only get you to Level 22, Level 45 must actually be beaten fairly. Fortunately, there are some strategies that exist, which one can use to increase their chances at beating the level.

Collect as Much Extra Time as You Can

Collecting as many extra time items as possible is definitely risky, but you'll need nearly all of these boosts (that you shoot free), in order to have enough time to destroy all of the level's bubbles.

Stay Near the Left Corner Jump Pad

Dodging the constantly multiplying bubbles may seem like an impossibility, but if you stay near the left corner jump pad, nearly all of them will miss you, due to the angle at which they bounce. You'll still need to move to the left and right somewhat, but staying in the small pocket to the left of the pad, and shooting any bubbles that bounce over you, should help you get further in the level than you've ever been before.

Complete the Start of the Level as Quickly as Possible

Starting the level off consists of climbing up ladders and bouncing off jumps in quick succession, in order to unleash those evil bubbles. As such, completing this section as quickly as possible, and gaining even just few extra seconds, could ultimately mean the difference between yet another "Game Over," and finally moving onward to Level 46.