How to Get All the Pixls in "Super Paper Mario"

By James Holloway

Updated September 22, 2017

Helpful Pixls appear in "Super Paper Mario" to assist Mario and his friends with their quest. Of the 12 Pixls you can collect in the game, nine will appear automatically as you play through the story mode. There are also three hidden Pixls, each with its own special ability.

Barry the Prickly Pixl

As you begin Chapter 3-1, you will encounter Barry, a Pixl who lives in the Bitlands. Barry gives you some tips on how to find Francis, the boss of the chapter, but doesn't accompany you. However, if you return to 3-1 after having completed the rest of Chapter 3, you can talk to Barry, who will join your party. Barry's special ability creates a spiky barrier that reflects enemy attacks.

Dashell the Speedy Pixl

True to his name, Dashell gives your character a huge speed boost. Acquiring him requires you to beat all 100 rooms in the Flipside version of the Pit of 100 Trials. The entrance to this labyrinth is located on the lowest level of Flipside.

Piccolo the Musical Pixl

Piccolo's soothing tunes can remove curses and put some enemies to sleep. To acquire this Pixl, you'll have to run a series of errands for various characters in the game. Start by talking to Merlee in Flopside; cross over to her side of the counter to do so. She'll ask you to run an errand for her, initiating a series of quests. Eventually, you'll complete the last one and receive the key to a locked door in Flopside. Inside is a chest containing Piccolo.