How to Test & Keep a Laptop for Free

By Colleen Meheen

Updated September 28, 2017

Testing and keeping a laptop for free may be available with the right organizations.
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Laptops became widely available in the late 1980s, after a successful run with NASA. William Moggridge worked to perfect the computer systems using a small, portable and durable device. As the ever-booming technological influx continues to develop more powerful and smaller computers, the manufacturers are constantly seeking feedback and advice from the general public to whom they intend to sell the products. Many gimmicks seem to promise free electronics and upgrades with the latest and greatest computer on the market, but there are some legitimate ways to test a laptop and keep it for free.

Visit the websites of the most popular brands in laptops and technology. These organizations are hungry for feedback on all their various new pieces of equipment. They often offer promotions that will allow you to test out the new technology in laptops and, in time, keep the product -- if you win their drawings.

Participate in surveys, polls and rewards programs that are available online. Many of these programs will walk you through a list of questions and comments. If you choose to participate in a specific rewards program for one of the sponsors, you can become eligible to receive free merchandise, including laptops and other electronics.

Browse through the many online opportunities that advertise free laptops, and participate in their programs. Usually, these sites are sponsored by manufacturers that want information about customer needs and wants, as well as to promote their products to a broad range of people. You often can test a machine for a specified amount of time, and then you must send in feedback, answer questions and perform specific processes on the machine to verify its level of performance. In many cases, the manufacturers will allow you to keep the machine for free after you have successfully completed all the tasks they have assigned you.

Visit your local electronic warehouse, and ask a manager about the damaged or returned goods that cannot be sold to the public. If you have an aptitude for electronics, you can likely grab up one of these for free and repair it yourself. You can also hire a professional to work with the damaged laptop, and try to salvage the machine.