How to Edit Clan Crests in Lineage 2

By Douglas Quaid

Updated September 22, 2017

i Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images

Every good team needs a good symbol. The United States has the bald eagle, the Indianapolis Colts have the horse shoe, and Judaism has the Star of David. In the online role-playing game Lineage 2, your team of players, or "clan," can have its own crest that appears over the heads of clan members' in-game avatars. Normally choosing the clan crest is up to the clan leader, but if the clan leader wishes, she can allow another clan member to upload the crest. If you want to change your crest later, just make a new one and upload it again.

Open an image-editing program such as Microsoft Paint. Paint is a very simple image editor, but the format and size requirements for Lineage 2 clan crests are so restrictive that you don't need to use fancy software.

Open the "File" menu, click "Properties," and set the canvas size to 16 pixels wide by 12 pixels high.

Draw your clan crest using Paint's drawing tools. Because the canvas size is so small, you should zoom in on it before drawing.

Create a new folder in the root directory of your hard drive, and name it something easy to remember, such as "crests." Later you'll need to type out the directory to upload the image, so if you use a complicated path, you'll regret it. Save your image into this folder as a 256 color bitmap (.bmp) file.

Open "Lineage 2," enter the game, and open the "Clan" window by pressing the "ALT" and "N" keys on your keyboard. Click the "Set Crest" button in the "Clan" window.

Type in the path and file name of your crest. For example, it might be "c:\crests\mycrest.bmp." Click the "OK" button to upload you crest.