How to Program Cell Phones for a Local Cell Tower

By Contributor

Updated September 28, 2017

Clearly, some portions of an area may get better cell phone coverage than others. However, if you always lose mobile phone service when traveling to a certain part of your city or town, you do have the ability to program your phone to locate a local cell tower. Depending on your network provider, this method varies.

Verizon users should enter *22899 and push “Send.” Wait to hear a set of tones and allow the phrase “Programming Successful” to show up on your screen to conclude the process.

Sprint clients have to enter the code *18 and push “Send.” You will hear two beeps in rapid succession.

Contact your cellular carrier directly if you have T-Mobile or AT&T. Ask the representative to re-sync your device to a tower in your area. Then, turn your phone off and on to complete the process.