How to Update Sprint Network Settings

By Editorial Team

Updated September 28, 2017

A Sprint user who desires to update his network settings can enhance the quality of his cell phone signal, lessen the number of calls he drops and experience fewer problems with his online connection. A network update also assists you to place a call when your phone roams off your network. If you know how to use the handset on your Sprint device, you can update its network settings via your preferred roaming list (PRL). This process varies depending on the model of Sprint phone you own.

Push “Settings” and then “Menu” on your Sprint phone. Tap the “Phone Info” key and go down to the word “Version.” Push your “Menu” button once again. However, this time highlight the area that states “PRL” and push the “Update” option.

Push “Settings.” Then, choose the “General” option. Push “Update PRL.”

Go to the first screen on your phone. Push your “Phone” button. Go to “Applications” and push “Preferences.” Push the “Update PRL” function and allow your device to update on its own.