How to Unlock Your Phone If You Forget Your Password

by Christina SloaneUpdated September 28, 2017
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Cell phones contain personal information such as text messages, photos, videos, schedules and phone numbers of your friends and family members. If you are worried about someone stealing your phone or using it without your permission, you may have enabled password protection. When password protection is enabled on a cell phone, the phone cannot be used to make or receive texts and calls until you type in a password. If you are the authorized user of the phone, it shouldn't be hard for you to access your phone again after contacting your service provider.

Attempt to use your phone as normal. An “Enter Password” or "Enter Code" message will display.

Try to remember your four-digit code, and make a few attempts. Users usually create their own codes, so try using numbers such as your birth year or the last four digits of your social security number. Press "OK" after typing each code.

Enter “1234," "1111" or the last four digits of your phone number, if you still can't remember your code. These numbers are sometimes used by service providers as the default unlock codes. Press "OK" after each attempt.

Using a friend's phone or a pay phone, contact your service provider if you still can't unlock your phone.


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