How to Remove the Censor on the Sims 3

by Sam OrrUpdated September 22, 2017
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Items you will need

  • "The Sims 3" without expansion packs

  • WinZip

"The Sims 3" is part of a life-simulation, video game series in which players control every aspect of a character's life, from their home life to their job to their romances, families and recreational endeavors. While nude Sims are covered by a mosaic effect to lower the game's rating to E (for "Everyone"), modifications exist to disable the censors.

Create a new folder in "The Sims 3" folder of your browser directory by right-clicking on a blank area of the folder and creating a new folder named "Mods" from the context menu that appears. Create a folder inside named "Packages."

Navigate to a well-known and secure Sims download site (see Resources) that offers a Mosaic Remover modification.

Click on the link to download the mosaic remover. A dialogue box will appear asking where it should save the download file; click "Save As..." after selecting your "Packages" folder.

Right-click on the file in the "Packages" folder and select "Unzip" to open its compressed files in a folder. Drag the .package file into the "Packages" folder.


Downloading a mosaic remover with expansion packs installed may cause a few undesirable, cosmetic defects in your game. Luckily, they are a rare occurrence.


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