Tools for Editing PS2 Games

By Jaime Golden

Updated September 22, 2017

Edit your PS2 games easily and quickly
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Many PlayStation 2 (PS2) gamers find themselves looking to create new worlds, stronger characters and obtain cool new weapons in their games. Using PS2 editing tools, gamers are able to create, edit and take out items of games that they do not find desirable. A few tools that can be used for editing PS2 games are the Sandbox editing program, UnrealEdit and Hex Workshop.


This is a PS2 editing system that enables the game developer to make maps and modifications for many types of PS2 games. The sandbox editing concept means the developer has placed an emphasis on editing large areas of the game, including both indoor and outdoor settings. Additionally, this type of video game editing is used to edit parts of video games that cover large areas of terrain, like the video game Grand Theft Auto. The Sandbox editing system is considered very user friendly, and many children and adults can even edit video games and create their own worlds using Sandbox editing programs. Sandbox users can create or edit worlds over the Internet or LAN. Modes available for use include cart, sidescroller, machinima and RPG. Available maps and customs have mazes, houses, quests and princess saving levels-all of which gamers can use to create their own worlds.


This type of editing is considered “subtractive” as it takes away terrain and spots in the video game world, versus adding items to the game. The Unreal Ed program has a customizable user interface, but top view, front view, side view and perspective are the most commonly used interfaces by players and editors. This design tool allows editors to place and take away certain items and objects in the game like inventory items and light sources. This PS2 editor allows 64-bit editing tools for large game environments, but also supports a 32-bit content for smaller game play environments. One benefit of the Unreal Ed program is the ability to play and test the game while still editing it. The content editing tools included in the UnrealEd package are the: content browser editor, terrain editor, material editor, mesh editor, animation editor, UnrealPhAT, Unreal Cascade, Sound Cue editor and lens flare editor.

Hex Workshop

The Hex Workshop software is developed for Microsoft programs and systems that combines both binary editing with word processing. Hex Workshop makes it possible for gamers to edit, cut, copy, paste, insert and delete hex(es) and hex dumps. This program also makes it possible to export to HTML or RTF files for publication. A few types of executions that the Hex Workshop does are hexecution, hexposure, Jinx and RomEdit. Hex Workshop is used with PS2 editing to hack characters, change a characters skill, look and overall performance in the game. This benefits gamers that hope to make their RPG characters immortal or stronger than they came in the original game.