How to Call a Magic Jack Number

by Maya WalkerUpdated September 28, 2017
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MagicJack customers can make and receive phone calls just like a traditional phone customer would. MagicJack is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service that utilizes your Internet connection to provide phone service. When a person signs up for the service, he is assigned a 10-digit telephone number that is based on his residential area. The number can be distributed to friends, family and other contacts. You can call the magicJack number from your landline or mobile phone.

Landline Phone

Pick up your home telephone and listen for the dial tone.

Enter the call recipient's magicJack number on the phone's keypad. If the number is outside your calling area, you may need to enter the entire 10-digit number.

Wait for the party to answer and begin the conversation.

Mobile Phone

Enter the call recipient's 10-digit magicJack number on the phone's keypad.

Press the “Send” button on your phone.

Wait for the party to answer and begin the conversation.


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