How to Make an Unlimited Population With "Star Wars: Empire at War"

By Dan Chruscinski

Updated September 22, 2017

“Star Wars: Empire at War” is a real-time strategy game where you control an entire rebel or empire fleet. By default, the game only allows a set number of ships and fighters in your army's population but you can change this option to unlock an unlimited population by altering the game's XML files. These files dictate number values in the game so by changing the population size of a ship to zero, you allow an unlimited amount to be added to your armada.

Download a MEG files extractor from a website such as Lucas Files, Modding Resource Hub or Renevo.

Place the MEG extractor in the “Data” folder for “Star Wars: Empire at War.” The default locaiton is under “Program Files,” then “LucasArts,” “Star Wars Empire at War,” Game Data” and then “Data.”

Click and drag the “Config.meg” file from the “Data” to the MEG extractor and drop the file to extract all the XML files.

Open the “XML” folder located inside the “Data” folder.

Copy and paste the “Squadrons.xml,”file onto your computer's desktop. Use this as a backup file.

Open the “Squadrons.xml” file using notepad or any other text editing software on your computer.

Search for “X in the document where “X” is a number.

Change the value of “X” for all of the entries to “0.” Save the file and start your game. You will now be able to create an infinite population.


The higher the population, the greater risk you have that the game will crash. If you notice the game stuttering, hold off on adding more units until others have been destroyed.