How to Sell My Concert Tickets Immediately

By Nicholas Briano

Updated September 22, 2017

Purchasing tickets to a show and later finding out you can’t go can be a disappointment. It is even more disappointing to know that the money spent on those tickets could possibly go to waste. Ticketing outlets only process refunds for canceled or postponed shows, leaving the buyer no choice but to resell the tickets in order to recoup the money spent. How successful you will be at selling the tickets depends on several factors that include supply and demand, timeliness and ticket price. There must be a demand for your tickets in order to sell them for face value or above. Selling the tickets immediately after a show sells out is your best chance to sell them for face value. Ticket price is also important. Not many people are willing to spend more than $150 for an event, so the more affordable the tickets are, the more likely you will able to sell them.

List Tickets on Stub Hub

Visit and create an account by clicking on “Register.” Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the account sign up. In order to sell tickets on Stub Hub, a valid credit card is required.

Type in the name of the artist or event in the “Event Finder” box on the Stub Hub homepage and a list will be generated with the pertinent results. Locate your event and to the right you will see an option to either “Buy” or “Sell.” Click on “Sell” and proceed.

Follow the on-screen instruction from Stub Hub. It will explain step-by-step what is needed to sell the tickets. The instructions are clear and user-friendly. Stub Hub often updates the formatting and method for listing tickets, so specific instructions might change over time. Complete each step one at a time and list your tickets.

Monitor your ticket listing from the “My Account” section of the website. This is where you can see your listing, compare prices of comparable seats, and change the price. You can even see what tickets were sold recently and for how much. Adjust your price accordingly to what you are looking to receive.

Visit and select the city in which you want to list the tickets. This will take you to the city’s homepage. Craigslist is another option to sell tickets, but you will have to meet in person to exchange money for tickets.

Select the heading “For Sale” and on the next page locate the “Post” link. Select that as well. This will take you to the category page. Select “Tickets,” which will bring you to a geographic list of cities or neighborhoods. Select the location that applies to you.

Fill in the fields, “Posting Title,” “Posting Description” and “Price.” Describe your tickets adequately in the “Posting Description” box with a phone number if you wish to receive calls. “Posting Title” should say the event, date and venue. Click “Continue” when satisfied with your listing description

Agree to the terms and conditions on the next page and click “Continue.” You will receive an email confirmation that your tickets are listed.


Don’t forget to calculate the 15 percent service charge Stub Hub charges when calculating your price. Stub Hub is the most visited ticket resell website on the internet.

To sell the tickets as soon as possible make your price competitive with others. If you hold out too long on the tickets they can sometimes drop in price as the event approaches. Use your judgment to the best of your knowledge.

You can also search for ticket brokers online who buy tickets to in-demand events. They usually offer below face value however, unless you hold prime seats, then they will offer you a competitive face value price. In the event if you held prime seating though, more money can be made on Stub Hub or Craigslist by selling them on your own.


Always meet people from at a public place for your safety. Never agree to exchange money via wire services or agree to ship tickets without getting paid first.