Instructions for the V Rocker Gaming Chair

by Chris WallerUpdated September 22, 2017
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The V Rocker Gaming Chair is a small, portable chair intended to be used during video game play. It has a personal surround sound audio system that can be connected to video game equipment. The chair has its own control panel so the user can manipulate the headphone input and other audio.

Flip the V Rocker Gaming Chair over so the back is facing up and the seat is facing the ground. Take the small pin in the packaging and slide it through the connector on the back of the chair.

Flip the chair to its upright position. Plug the appropriate end of the power adapter that was packaged with the chair into the control panel on the side. Connect the other end to an AC wall outlet.

Unplug the audio input cables from the video game system from the television.Leave the video cables plugged in. Carefully string the audio cables to the chair and connect them into the audio input jacks on the control panel on the side of the chair.

Turn on your game console and the television. Push the "Power" button on the V Rocker Gaming Chair control panel. You will not hear audio from the television, but will be able to control the volume from the audio using the volume control on the control panel of the gaming chair.

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