How to Get the Wing Cap in "Super Mario 64"

By D. Wright

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • 1 Nintendo 64 console

  • 1 copy of "Super Mario 64"

  • 1 Nintendo 64 controller

  • 10 Power Stars

One of the most iconic power boosts in “Super Mario 64” is the Wing Cap. In order to get the power of flight in the game, all you’ll need is perseverance and a pretty simple camera trick. But before you can earn the Wing Cap, you will need to play “Super Mario 64” until you have collected 10 Power Stars. For the most part this involves finishing levels in the game. One star is given when you collect 100 coins in the game, so you also have that option open to you.

Look into the Light

Head to the main lobby area of the castle. You should see a beam of light shining down on an octagon-shaped tile with a sun shape on it. Stand in this light and point the camera directly up by pressing the "C-Up" button. You will be warped to the Wing Cap secret stage.

Now that you’re in this stage, you will notice that you’re flying. Point Mario at the central pillar and fly down. You will see a red button. Hit this red button, unlocking the Wing Cap. When it asks you to save, say yes. Congrats, you now have the power of flight!

Jump and hit the large, red box marked with exclamation points floating slightly above the pillar to get the Wing Cap on that level. You can unlock the Wing Cap using this method for both the Nintendo 64 version as well as the emulated “Super Mario 64” on the Wii Virtual Console.


To get the Wing Cap in the Nintendo DS version, "Super Mario 64 DS," you will need to earn 14 stars instead of the traditional 10 in order to reach the Wing Cap level.