How to Monitor a Phone Remotely

by Palmer OwyoungUpdated September 28, 2017
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If you want to eavesdrop in on a conversation, one easy way to do it is to use a cell phone that you can monitor remotely. It's an inexpensive solution and it is easy to set up. However, you should make sure that the conversation that you are listening in on is at a residence or business that you own. Otherwise it is likely illegal. If you are monitoring the activities on a phone, then you should only monitor one that you are paying the bill on.

Free Method

Go to the”Main Menu” on your cell phone and scroll until you get to “Settings.” Scroll until you get to “Profiles” and select "Silent Mode.”

Scroll through the “Settings Menu” and find “Call Settings.” Activate the "Auto Answer” feature.

Set the cell phone in the area that you wish to monitor. Wait for the people who you want to eavesdrop on to enter the room and for the conversation to begin. Call the mobile phone from using another phone and it will answer after two or three rings. You can now listen in on the conversation.

Remote Spy Software

Purchase a mobile phone spy software program. Three that you can use are Flexispy, SpyBubble and MobiStealth. These programs will allow you to eavesdrop on conversations near the phone, listen in on phone conversations, monitor text messages and e-mails and to get the GPS location of a phone. As of 2010, these programs cost between $59 and $250.

Register for the program. Create a user name and password to log into the application's website.

Obtain the target phone and install the software program. Each program will vary slightly, but the fundamentals are the same. Go to the download link provided to you when you purchased the program on the Web browser of the target phone. Agree to the “Terms and Agreements” and click “Next.” The installation process will begin. Once it is finished, restart the phone.

Monitor the phone remotely. Log in to the password protected website that you registered with. The target phone will upload its data at regular intervals. This will include things like calls logs, text messages, e-mails and GPS locations. You can download these records at your convenience.


These programs should never be used illegally. Only install them on phones that you own.


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