How to Fix a GameGuard Error 380

By Richard Kalinowski

Updated September 28, 2017

GameGuard is required for certain online games.
i Creative Crop/Digital Vision/Getty Images

GameGuard is an anti-cheating program designed to run in the background of many popular video games. Certain computer games do not allow users to log onto online play without GameGuard. While this program is useful for keeping game lobbies free of hackers, it can be a nuisance when error messages prevent proper software operation. If your GameGuard program displays “Error 380” upon startup, you can fix this problem by adjusting firewall settings. With the error remedied, you can start GameGuard normally for enjoyment with your favorite online games.

Double-check your Internet connection cables. Error 380 occurs when your GameGuard software is unable to download updates. If a network cable is unplugged, you cannot get online, and the error will persist.

Click the “Start” button.

Click “Control Panel.”

Click “System and Security.”

Click on “Windows Firewall” to open your Firewall. According to Microsoft, your computer's Firewall scans incoming Internet data for potential threats. If a possible threat is found, the program is blocked from connecting the Internet. Unfortunately, this security measure can sometimes mistakenly block nonthreatening programs, like GameGuard, causing Error 380 to appear.

Click “Turn Windows Firewall on or off.” This button is sometimes hard to spot, because it is tucked away on the far left-hand side of the screen.

Click to select “Turn off Windows Firewall” under both the public and private network headings.

Click “OK.”

Start GameGuard. The Firewall will no longer block GameGuard, and the program should update and run without an Error 380 message. Once GameGuard has updated, you can return to the Windows Firewall menu and turn the Firewall back on for better online protection. With GameGuard properly updated, Error 380 will not reoccur unless GameGuard releases a new patch that requires further updating. If a new patch is released for download, repeat these steps to update and remove Error 380 again.