How to Rip a Video From a Website

by Chad AndersonUpdated September 28, 2017 Images

The availability of broadband Internet connections have made streaming video more popular than ever. However, since most videos are embedded in flash players, they are difficult for users to download and save locally. Using Web-based tools and browser extensions, you can easily download, or rip, videos from just about any website. Once you have downloaded the video you can watch it locally, with or without an Internet connection, using a media player that supports the FLV format.


Open a new window or tab in your Web browser and navigate to one of the many media downloading sites available on the Internet.

Open another window or tab and open the Web page you want to download a video from. Copy the URL of that Web page and paste it into the text-entry box on the media download site you chose.

Click "Download" to have the site rip the video for you. Click the provided download link to save the video file to your hard drive.

Browser Extensions

Download and install a browser extension for your Web browser. There are extensions available for every major Web browser.

Open another window or tab and open the Web page you want to download a video from. Activate your browser extension to rip the media. On some, you will do this with a right-click while on others there will be a button you press that has the extension's icon on it.

Choose a name for the video file and a location to save it under, then click "Save." On some video types, extensions will open a separate window and you will have to click "File" and then "Save As" to reach the save screen.


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