How to Get Rid of a Fire in SIM City 2000

By D. Wright

Updated September 22, 2017

Having a fire break out in your city in "Sim City 2000" can be devestating to the city you worked hours developing. This is especially true if you have no idea how to put out the fire. However, it is possible to stop a fire in your virtual city.

Click the "Dispatch Firefighter Tool" in the left toolbar.

Click on the fire that has broken out in your city. This will send a firefighter to that area to battle the fire.

Click on the fire tool again to send another firefighter from a different station to battle the fire. If the fire will not die down, try building a fire station on top of the fire or next to the fire. This will eliminate part of the fire and allow you to battle it more effectively.


Always begin battling the fire as soon as you spot it. This will stop the fire from spreading further.

After defeating the fire, if you do not want to have to fight another one, click on the "Disasters" tab at the top and click "Turn off Disasters." This will turn off every disaster in the game, including fires.