How to Track a Tracfone

By Jade Blue

Updated September 28, 2017

Track your TracFone handset by registering with a mobile device tracking company.
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A lost or stolen TracFone emits global positioning signals to cellular towers and satellites. The locations of cellular towers catching the GPS signal map out your phone's location. Tracking your TracFone mobile device does not require fancy or expensive equipment. Just install tracking software on your handset or use an online cellular tracking program, which only requires your phone number. Fees vary for each tracking method. Research which method is best for you.

Online Membership

Register your TracFone with the selected mobile tracking company. Fees vary. Inquire about membership duration and if it is transferable to another handset. Create a username and password.

Enter your TracFone number and international mobile equipment identity, if required, into the tracking company database. Find your IMEI in the handset battery compartment.

Record your TracFone as lost in the tracking company database. The company will immediately begin to search for a GPS signal from your handset.

Receive notification from the tracking company when a signal is detected from your TracFone.

Inform authorities about the location of your handset. Allow police to retrieve it.


Install tracking software on your Tracfone Depending on your model, use a data cable or Bluetooth to transmit data

Register your software to activate your tracking service. Create a username and password. The program must run in the background on your Tracfone.

Obtain your TracFone location by logging into the tracking website. This information is available when your original TracFone SIM card is removed.

Inform authorities of the location of your handset. Allow the police to retrieve it.